A long river not so quiet…

“Every difficulty encountered must be an opportunity for further progress.” Life is indeed a great playground where we can practice coping and learning to rebound.

Pierre de Coubertin

Do you remember all the embarrassing occasions you faced?

For my part I will mention from the professional side, these situations: a colleague who makes an unpleasant remark to me where I have no answer, a working group who do not wish to return the 2nd day of a workshop because he sees no possibility of change in the entity, a loss of confidence with a collaborator following a misinterpretation of a message from a manager, a project abroad canceled while I’m already there, etc.

And the same from the sport side, these events: result above my usual time because swimming technique very jerky, lack of energy due to mismanagement of meals, etc.

These moments can translate for me into spite, frustration, anger, disappointment or discouragement.

The kind and tactical manager who has driven this art of rebound…

As a result of the unpleasant remark, the relationship with my colleague became tense. At that time, I remain polite, but I avoid meeting him. One morning, our manager asks us to come to his office. He saw that the dialogue between us is limited, but he needs both of us to work together on a project. He sets the context before leaving us alone: ​​”discuss what is going on serenely, take your time to exchange, find a common solution and come back to me only when everything is solved”. I am so surprised. Once the door closed, I take a deep breath and start. We exchange on what happened, especially this sentence that I did not appreciate. We listen to each other, clarify the facts and set new rules of communication between ourselves. And that’s how we formed an effective and responsive pair with a great deal of trust between us that contributed to the success of the project.

Finally, this experience lived at the beginning of my career was a booster for me on how to step back and tell me that after each rebound, the situation is different and often positive.

and put it into practice at every opportunity.

Thus, every time I find myself in complicated circumstances, I am going to seek in the depths of myself this impulse, this spark, this force to tell me “What can I do differently?” How can I get help if needed? By who?”. I take this time of thinking – often very fast – and I take action. In the majority of cases, it allows me to live a new rewarding experience.

Do you like to play? So bounce!


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