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“What if we worked differently? The High Human Quality © method in practice/ Et si on travaillait autrement? La méthode Haute Qualité Humaine © en pratique”. This is the title of the book (in French) by Florence Bénichoux, doctor and business leader in counseling and prevention of health that never leaves me. She is also the author of the TEDX whose theme is “To put the Human Being in the heart of company”: I listened again this video a short time ago.

Listen again… because indeed in May 2015 I saw for the first time Florence Bénichoux at TEDx Champs Elysees Women. Then a few days later, I had the pleasure of meeting her at a conference where she gave a presentation on the theme of burnout.

What I heard 3 years ago is still relevant, if not more.

Florence makes a quantified finding on the state of the population in chronic stress and the disengagement of employees in the company. She summarizes in 3 points the main causes: “the world has evolved”, “we are in permanent connection” and “the expectations of employees have changed”.

She also raises the following questions: “If we worked differently? If we changed the working conditions? What about “Quality of Life at Work?”

 In response to these questions, I then remember five strong moments: “The first ingredient of this quality of life at work, it’s the trust. It is the breeding ground from which we can go to take risks, innovate, think outside the box, and when we arrive with new products, we are competitive again “.

As I mentioned in my December 2017 post on “How to boost your team …” (, the trust is essential. This is the basis of empowerment in Lean Management. Everyone proposes improvement objectives for his position, freeing up time and space for innovation.

For example, a few years ago at one of my clients in the world of industry, thanks to the trust established, employees were able to identify activities that did not bring all the added value in the creation of their product. They then decided to optimize or stop these tasks and with the available time recovered, they developed a new service whose value was recognized by the management teams.

Sure, “we have forgotten that it is only the man who creates value; we have forgotten on the way the human factor “. In fact, we are all 100% responsible for what we create, quality or not. The more the human being is in a state of well-being, the more productive he will be. It is therefore important to know how each person feels at work. Thus, in the missions that I do, we exchange each morning between colleagues on our mood and our state of mind. In the case that morale is not good for one of us, the goal is to see how to help, support and accompany him/her. This way of doing things is also done at management level to show the example and importance of this moment.

Indeed, “one thing is essential in the sense, it is the exemplarity of the management for creating the trust. Sharing power, having a feeling of fairness is what creates team spirit, that’s what makes us all go together.

The commitment of the Management is mandatory; this is why it is essential for any transformation project to take into account the different levels of hierarchy. Moreover, in one of my last improvement projects, we worked in particular on the delegation with all the members of the management team.

In this context, “we need to talk to each other, to exchange; we need collective intelligence today, even more than yesterday, to solve the complex problems we are facing.”

The complex problem solving is here one of the key competences identified by the Davos summit in January 2016. Companies will require in 2020 from the managers this aptitude, especially in the world VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguity) in which we are. In particular, the deployment of Lean is one way to develop this capacity because the problems are considered as opportunities for improvement. The search for the causes of the difficulties encountered is done collectively with all the stakeholders.

Finally, as the goal of a TED Talk is to develop enthusiasm, motivate and open the mind “we just have to get it done, we can all become better human beings. Together we can do it, we must all have the utopia to make the world a better place”.

It is also my vision, my engine, my energy that stimulate me every day.

And now,
if you were listening to Florence Bénichoux?


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