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managers and executive teams:
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Portrait of E. Ducarre

Elisabeth Ducarre, Coach for Managers and Executive team Committee

Managers, you want to step back, develop professionally and consider other ways of working.

For this, I suggest you accompany you. I provide consulting missions for large industrial and banking groups. Engineer, I deploy the Lean Management in Europe and Asia for almost 15 years.

My method: combining technical and mental skills for your performance and your well-being.

Also, a high-level sportswoman in swimming, I participate in competitions in France and abroad. I complete this practice with strengthening to develop body mobility and with running to boost endurance.

And it is thanks to these different techniques, Lean, Mental and Sport, pillars of my daily activity, that I allow you to gain operational excellence in a fluid manner.

Individual Coaching

I am at your side to go through the different steps and reach your goal. Coaching takes place over a period of 6 to 8 months.
Take a step back, communicate effectively, listen and assert yourself with respect…

Teams Coaching

Group interventions are carried out in the form of team-building or intra-company training-action to address the challenges of collective work.
Help team cohesion and leadership, develop a business project, manage effective meetings…


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