“Elisabeth often says, ‘100% responsible 0% guilty.’ Such is the atmosphere of trust she establishes in the relationship with the person she’s coaching. No judgment, and deep awareness. When the goal to reach is set, there is no escape route, and we’re going to get there.
When it comes to the Lean part, she’s very attached to her basics. To work well on something, you have to understand it, and her power is to make sense of different practices. No chance of getting it wrong because every experience fulfilled conscientiously is a learning opportunity. With her, the learning process is constant – a method that is very positive, and as a result, very motivating.”

Christine, co-director of the Lean & Agile team, Michelin

“My coaching experience with Elisabeth allowed me to work on my reorientation approach during this period of questioning and uncertainty. She has given me a number of tools that allow me to work on the level of challenge I want to give myself, but also on the values ​​that are important to me; the exercise “oxygenate your self-esteem” is literally a breath of fresh air of self-confidence. Each session gave me both insight and was a great source of encouragement to follow the tracks that will allow me to reach my goal of reorientation.
The fact that Elisabeth practices swimming at a high level makes her coaching role more credible when she shares her own experience of preparing for competition. Being neither an athlete nor interested in competition, I had no practice of mental preparation. The simple techniques proposed in the coaching sessions are easy to remember and to implement; it’s easier to turn them into reflexes.”

Yves, Large Industrial Group, Manager within DSI

“I started my coaching sessions with Elisabeth by telling her the desire to be able to express myself without panic, and above all to speak. I could not do it without having emotions (sweating, stomach ache …) or even not being able to express myself, in reality, not speaking at all. I had no confidence in myself … the potential that can hide in me…
The “tools” recommended by Elisabeth like breathing through the belly, before and during the action and of course mastering my subject could be enough to feel good while working. This is how I felt good during my presentation. There is a real exchange between me and the team. I felt good self-esteem. And above all, I realized that I was able to speak like everyone else …”

Dominique, Large Industrial Group, Team Leader

Individual Coaching

I am at your side to go through the different steps and reach your goal. Coaching takes place over a period of 6 to 8 months.
Take a step back, communicate effectively, listen and assert yourself with respect...

Teams Coaching

Group interventions are carried out in the form of team-building or intra-company training-action to address the challenges of collective work.
Help team cohesion and leadership, develop a business project, manage effective meetings…