The Management lean of Michael Ballé

Michael Ballé is for me the referent of the Lean Management deployment in companies: he has practiced it for more than twenty years. This second edition is enriched with boxes which allow to have a clear and concise summary of many key concepts. Pleasant and fluid, it offers a structured presentation on how to deploy Lean Management in companies.

This book makes it clear to management committees the stakes, challenges and commitments to be taken when deciding to launch this transformation. Their first obligation is “to develop each employee, which means giving him the means to succeed so that he can increase his competence and autonomy every day”. He insists that Lean is a learning system.

The expertise of Michael Ballé and Godefroy Beauvallet is very useful to take into account the steps to follow in order to become a Lean Company. They explain that Lean is not a technique of cost reduction and job cuts; they show that this strategy creates value and growth by seeking to advance human beings so that they learn to work better together.

When a problem is encountered, everything is implemented by the teams to find the causes! The leadership capacity of managers to get into this problem-solving dynamic is essential. They must be taught how to go out to see, observe, listen, and understand without judging or criticizing. Respect for employees is fundamental. The integration of this value has served me well during an experiment with students of Generation Y who intends to work in Lean companies.

I recommend this book to any manager who engages in a Lean Management approach. It is a must to understand its principles. The clear, precise and direct messages will gradually lead you to integrate these notions and to consider working in a Lean company!

Le +: This is one of the first books published in French on the subject. Michel Ballé is the first French specialist to study the question.

The Management LEAN of Michael Ballé (doctor of social sciences and sciences of knowledge) and Godefroy Beauvallet, (researcher in management sciences and sociology of innovation) – 2nd edition (2016) – Pearson Edition.


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