When the game of Forces of characters® stimulates in us our qualities

“Elisabeth, I see you as character strengths “Love of learning”, “Appreciation of beauty and excellence” and “Gratitude””. This is what Matthew had seen of me after only half a day of training, exchanges and first activities together. For each quality, he said at what time of the morning, he had noted this ability. I was surprised, touched and I welcomed with great pleasure. Indeed, it was part of the strengths of characters that I recognize myself. What power!

Thus I made the decision to use the game of Forces of Characters®1 game during a workshop on the revitalization of a management team of an engineering school made up of about fifteen people.

At the sequence of choice of the forces of characters ®, I could see the astonishment of each one to discover that his colleagues, with whom for some did not necessarily have long moments of exchanges in common, could identify at least 3 qualities. It was a very important moment to take a step back, consolidate the gaze of each other and a real climate of benevolence. Obviously, a lot of qualities were present in the team. The positive momentum created allowed to define in the fluidity the action plan to manage the issues identified at the beginning of the meeting. The decisions were made easily and the following week the first improvement activities were carried out!

Martine Regourd-Laizeau, Clinical Psychologist, had the idea of ​​the Forces de caractères® game as part of her thesis in positive psychology. She was interested in a micro vision of the links that could be realized between the referentials of the two disciplines. This is how she imagined the 24 cards of the game of forces of characters® classified in 6 virtues.

Martine uses cards of the Forces of character® in clinical interviews, mediation, mental preparation for high level athletes, classroom and online training and also coaching. This approach allows you to work individually on self-esteem issues for a business leader and group in a seminar to address tensions in conflicting teams. The impacts noted are: a significant increase in positive emotions, optimism, self-confidence and greater team cohesion with lasting results.

It’s a booster of personal and mutual valorization. It is an amplifier of positive attitude.

So ready for stimulation?

The game of forces of characters® is used in different fields: in companies, at the French lycée of New York, in Quebec by the mental trainer of the Olympic committee, in Switzerland with many psychologists, etc.

Website: https://planete-psychologie-positive.com/


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